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A simple piece of card should remedy the situation. We've already talked about moving your hand down the page and letting your eyes keep up. Well, a similar techniques is to use your hand to draw across the page from left to right. Use a smooth motion and use your longest finger as compare maine private schools a point to follow. Other people may find it helps them to bunny hop their hand down the page. Small leaps down the text can really make your eyes whizz along the page. This can also be achieved with a diagonal motion, but really it's personal preference.

I am using up the precious space in my brain. Fact: This is probably the 'biggest' myth. You brain has the storage capacity of more than a million computers.

Then when you are confident that you have learned the information, you progress to more studying. However, this repetition process also means that you are wasting time going over facts and information you already know. Don't do it! After you have learned about 80% of the material, use a yellow highlighter to mark everything that has eluded you.

A closer look at the two scenario shows that the progressive speed reader was more in control of his understanding than the regressive reader. The regressive reader's style slows his understanding and also slows down his speed rate thus making reading the sentence slow and more difficult to understand. From the foregoing, you will notice that anyone who has the believe that regression improves the rate of reading is entirely misled.

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